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All applications are individual reviewed to determine eligibility and acceptance into Cosmetic Vacation group trips.


Invites are exclusive and handselected for the successful objective to this journey.  All selected applicants will receive an email with:

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Each applicant that isn't selected for group vacation will receive a complimentary

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Experience luxury medical tourism with a Spa Experience. Whether you like to take it easy or prefer to explore new destinations, this is the perfect choice for you. With our 7+ years of experience creating and  hosting Cosmetic Getaways, we have helped 100's of dolls worldwide and are ready to escort you on this SAFE-FUN-SECURE journey together.


The best thing about a vacation is getting away from it all, which is why a Rest and Relaxation Getaway is such a great way to unwind and have your secret cosmetic surgery performed. Rest assured, we’ll take care of everything so you can heal all while vacationing at a secret tropical location with TOP surgeons who specialize in, VIXEN MAKEOVERS.

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group vacation!


Whether you’re looking to get  a tiny waist or lift retired lactating breast, we have the perfect surgeon for your desires. Our surgeons all specialize in a very unique style of sculpting dolls that we like to call, "Vixen Makeovers". When you join our trips you will never be the same again,...we are sharing the CHEAT CODES.