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Privacy Statement    


Thank you for visiting the Surgical Sisters Website and reviewing our privacy and security statement. Surgical Sisters is strongly committed to maintaining the privacy of your personal information and the security of our computer systems. With respect to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, Surgical Sisters makes every effort to ensure compliance with applicable Federal law, including, but not limited to, the Privacy Act of 1974, the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995, and the Freedom of Information Act.

As a general rule, Surgical Sisters does not collect personally identifying information about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information to us. The information we receive depends upon what you do when visiting our site. If you have signed up for financing and/or funding your surgery and/or surgical tour you may be referred to a company that will assist you with funding and provide assistance for financing.



If you respond to an on-line request for personal information:


Generally, the information requested by Surgical Sisters will be used to respond to your inquiry or to provide you with the service associated with the request.



If you identify yourself by sending an E-mail containing personal information:


You also may decide to send us personally identifying information, for example your mailing address, in an electronic mail message requesting that information be mailed to you. Information collected in this manner is used solely for responding to requests for information or records.



If you link to other sites outside Surgical Sisters:


Our Website has many links to other sites. When you link to any of these sites, you are no longer on our site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.



Cookie use notice


On a limited number of its web pages, Surgical Sisters employs "cookies" to provide better service to its customers. We do not use cookies to collect any personally identifying information from users or to track user activities beyond our web site. We do not maintain copies of cookies on our web site after you leave our web site.


Cookies are small pieces of temporary data that are exchanged between a web site and a user's computer which enable a "session", or "dialog", to be established between the two machines. With the session established, Surgical Sisters is able to tailor its responses (i.e., identify and provide you with the information you want) and help you traverse our web pages in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


Surgical Sisters limits its use of cookies to "session cookies"...types of cookies that are temporarily stored in your computer's memory. Session cookies are normally deleted from a user's computer when the user logs off the computer or the user exits the browser. Surgical Sisters does not issue "persistent cookies"...types of cookies that could be stored permanently on your workstation and reused each time you visit the web site.


For security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, our website also employs software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage.


Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this service are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996.

Disclaimer and Terms of service/use

The Agreement

Surgical Sisters is a Service coordinator and personal assistant and Medial tourism facilitator. In providing any medical information to its clients and prospective clients relies on medical, surgical and other recommendations supplied by the hospitals and clinics throughout the United States of America and Worldwide in that Surgical Sisters is coordinating care with. Surgical Sisters provides this information to its clients and prospective clients on behalf of these hospitals, doctors, and clinics and in good faith. However this must not be construed as Surgical Sisters offering or providing medical advice. Regardless of the wording, no information expressed in this website is to be interpreted as Surgical Sisters or its personnel offering or providing medical advice or recommendations. Services can be terminated at any time by Surgical Sisters. Bookings and Consultations are not guaranteed agreements that client will receive surgery or travel. There are many variables from Surgical Sisters that can terminate ones trip, such as clients health and etc. Prices may also change upon surgeons recommendations.


This Agreement is in no way limited or modified by any other terms or conditions on this website. Surgical Sisters requires all users of its website and service to read the following important terms and conditions carefully. Providing Surgical Sisters with a request for an enquiry form and/or booking form, you expressly agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Agreement”). By using a link on the website to request a supply or by lodging a requirement on the website, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and are not otherwise prevented from entering into a binding legal agreement.

Surgical Sisters Representation


Surgical Sisters is a coordinator of tours. Other than making information from third parties obtainable for you, introducing you to third party providers of goods and services, Surgical Sisters itself is not providing you with any goods or services in the capacity of a principal. Third party principals, not sub-contractors to Surgical Sisters, provide all goods and services to you, including tours, travel, activities, meals, consultations, operations and procedures. Neither Surgical Sisters nor any of its officers, employees or directors are doctors, dentists or otherwise qualified to provide information in relation to any medical procedure.



Your Representation to Surgical Sisters


You distinctively represent and certify to Surgical Sisters that you accept and are solely responsible for these risks and will not hold Surgical Sisters or its officers or employees responsible in any way you use those services solely at your own risk. That you have obtained or been advised by Surgical Sisters to obtain independent medical advice from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner in relation to any medical services that you have asked Surgical Sisters to coordinate on your behalf.

You acknowledge that Surgical Sisters has not given you any counsel or gestured any opinion that a rational person would deem as being an advice or opinion of a medical nature (including with respect to any likely results, risks, and side effects or otherwise). Even though Surgical Sisters may have provided information regarding the availability of medical services or coordinated medical procedures, products or other services on your behalf, Surgical Sisters takes no responsibility whatsoever and excludes all liability for the actual medical services provided.

Third Parties


Surgical Sisters employs every reasonable care in the selection of third parties that you are presented to and who may provide goods and services to you in association with a tour. Third Parties are independent of Surgical Sisters. Third parties provide transport, recovery lodging accommodation, tour, spa services, event or medical services or other agreed products to you. It is recommended that you check each third party service provider’s terms and conditions which apply to the goods or services they provide. You must ensure that you are aware of any exclusions or limitations of liability impressed by the service provider. All or some of these may exclude or limit liability for delays, property loss or damage, personal injury or even death. Apart from any condition or warranty entailed by law which cannot be excluded. Surgical Sisters does not make any sanctions or statement or representation relating to the goods or services provided to you under this Agreement, whether by Surgical Sisters or a Third Party. If you were referred for the Trouble Credit Program, you are liable to pay back Surgical Sisters for the assigned funding package (Bronze, Ruby, Diamond), regardless if you accept the terms of your loan or travel with Surgical Sisters. This payment must be paid in full within the time frame of the assigned invoice. All unpaid balanced will be forward to legal department for legal action. Client will make sure that they are fully aware of services rendered to them for credit repair and/or funding. Surgical Sisters is not liable for the outcome or services provided for financing, funding, credit repair, and/or trouble credit program.


Surgeon Reassignment

Surgical Sisters reserves the rights to modify or change selected surgeon to a different board certified surgeon in our network under circumstance the of surgeon being removed from our network or a schedule conflict. Client will not be due a modified credit nor refund as long we are able to secure the same procedures and surgery date as desired on original service agreement.


Website Material


Since the information is derived from a variety of sources, Surgical Sisters is not responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or omissions as a result of misinformation received from third parties. Surgical Sisters does not advocate any specific technique or philosophy of cosmetic surgery procedure, nor does it endorse any medical procedure whatsoever. Surgical Sisters does not warrant that the information or material on this website is entirely free from error or omissions or entirely suitable or fit for the use intended of the information on this site.



Acknowledgement of risk


You acknowledge that standards of medical advice, procedures and care generally outside United States of American when Cosmetic Tours are hosted abroad and may be different to American standards. You further acknowledge that any medical advice, procedure or other service that you ask Surgical Sisters to book on your behalf carries risk.  Surgical Sisters will not be liable for any outcomes from procedure(s) (medical and/or nonmedical), injuries, fatality, or cosmetic tour experience (flights, lodging accommodations, transportation, food, spa services, excursions and etc).

Exclusion of Liability

Surgical Sisters does not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure unanticipated or uncontrollable event or effect on our part or directly or indirectly in connection with any trip organized by Surgical Sisters on your behalf. You agree to release, defend and hold harmless Surgical Sisters and its officers and employees and agents from all such liability and indemnify each of them severally against any such claims that may be made by or through you related to your breach of this agreement or use of this website in any manner.

Terms of Service Agreement : Surgical Sisters Exclusive Surgeon Network

Surgical Sisters Sisters’ company in conjunction with "The Von Medical Marketing Firm" will manage all marketing for Exclusive Surgeon Network members.

We will work directly with you to create a one of a kind brand and marketing plan to expand your presence GLOBALLY.

Terms of Service Agreement : Cosmetic Retreats

Payment Plan, Cancellations, Refunds, Fees and Policies:

There is a $500.00 add-on charge for all group cosmetic getaway bookings.

Payment plans are NOT preferred, but it may be offered in a case-by-case basis. If payment plan is offered, terms will be as the following:

Your next payment must be received: On billing cycle date(s) 1st or 15th of every month or 30 days from sign up date.  Monthly payments are $399, that will be auto drafted from the personal credit card/debit card used during registration; and/or alternative credit card given for payment. You may also need to make additional payments on your own to payoff balance by 30 days before initial vacation start date. You are responsible for making any additional payments so your account will be paid off in time. There will be a $50 fee for every week late after final due date (30 days before vacation start date). Balance and all payments are due no later than 30 days before original requested vacation date.

There is a $30 fee for every failed monthly draft payment. The system will rerun every failed payment three (3) times monthly, which can equal $90.00 each month for a failed payment. Customer agrees that file will be paid upon the due date and balance paid in full by, 30 days from original surgery date request. Patients vacation spot will only be held for 7 days for payment after final due date. After 5 days, patients approval and surgery date will be released and/or an additional late fee of $500 will be assessed weekly. 

In order for us to be committed in offering wholesale Cosmetic Vacations, we must adhere to a very strict refund and cancellation policy. All funds are nonrefundable and only subject to 1 credit for a future vacation date. Vacation must be fulfilled within 6 months of initial deposit or deposit is lost. All other account funds can be held for future vacation date within 1 year of initial deposit. After 1 year of initial deposit, all funds and your vacation is forfeited for no show. To receive a new vacation date, you must submit another application and deposit along with purchasing a new vacation to reflect current prices. There is a $275 fee per night/day for each no-show/cancelled vacation days (i.e 2 cancelled vacations equals 28 nights of fees). All vacations are at least 14 days, additional days can be purchased. If there are any additional vacation days that need to be purchased for extended stay, each bed/vacation spot will be billed for an additional $275 per night.


This does not supersede the cancellation policy for non medical clearance or personal cancellations. There is a zero refund for clients who do not meet health standards for a medical clearance. Example of these standards are, Hemoglobin of 13 and above | BMI 35 and below | Not Pregnant |and overall good health with signed internal clearance form, from Primary Care Physician (PCP). Each client will agree to meeting the above health standards and being medically cleared by their PCP within 30 days before initial registration. If not, your vacation will be cancelled due to a breach in agreement that was signed during the registration process, that stated you were already cleared for surgery and met the above health standards. There also will not be any file credits issued for a future vacation due to medical high risk liability status. You must maintain the above health standards to keep registration and vacation spot. All funds paid are nonrefundable. It is very important to be aware of your health status with a documented clearance with lab reports prior and during the vacation process. This vacation is not an easy way out of not being healthy, under no circumstances will we admit any client to travel who doesn't meet requirements.  All monies will be forfeited. Any suspicious or fraudulent medical forms submitted, can/will be reported to local State Authorities and also result in vacation forfeiture.

 All selected procedures are simply a "wish list" of procedures that you desire until we have confirmed with surgeon the approval of your request once the surgeon has examined your consult form, photos, and listed health concern(s). This a preliminary approval from surgeon. Final approval happens during vacation at a face-to-face surgeon consultation. If additional labs or services rendered, there will be an additional cost paid directly to surgeon and/or clinic. You are still required to get clearance for all medical procedures from your PCP and/or your personal medical specialist(s). You must also submit the final internal clearance form before 40 days of vacation start date. A Surgical Sisters Coordinator will contact you within 5 business days if there are any issues with "wish pics"  to review. There is no refund on procedures that a surgeon doesn't see medically fit to perform while you are in surgery or during the face-to-face consult. There will be a credit reserved for the following procedure that must be used within 6 months of surgery date.




Under no circumstances are any funds refundable.

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